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LISA LLOYD          R & L Pottery         Sammamish, WA



I grew up in southern Arizona and attended college at the University of Arizona, majoring in education.  I was always interested in art from childhood and loved to draw and paint whenever I got a chance. For many years I and my husband Randy did pottery part-time while pursuing other careers. I was a teacher in special education and early childhood education, until becoming a full-time artist.  The business was established in 1990 while we were living in Oregon.

I have attended pottery classes at several community colleges in Arizona, California, and Oregon.  I’ve also attended various workshops in Oregon, have taken classes at Oregon School of Arts & Crafts and attended Arts at Menucha in Oregon (summer workshops) as a student, and as the pottery studio assistant. I taught pottery to children at the Portland Children's Museum, and studied art at Portland Community College. At PCC, I studied painting, drawing, mixed media, and computer art. I have now lived in Washington for 20 years and have been very busy making pottery and studying various types of art. Recently I have been attending painting classes and workshops at Bellevue College, and ArtEast Gallery in Issaquah.

I have a studio at my home and sell by consignment or wholesale to galleries, at craft fairs, and by special order.


                                                                        Artist Statement

I make functional stoneware and "art" pottery, using terracotta, stoneware

or porcelain clays. I also enjoy doing collage, mixed media, painting with

acrylics and pastels, and making jewelry with beads and wire. Much of this

work involves clay pieces.  I like to combine materials in nontraditional ways

and working with all kinds of materials.

   Color is my number one visual stimulus.  My major inspiration is landscape –

forms, colors, textures, rocks water, glaciers, and mountains.  I am

entranced by mountains.  They are awesome and fascinating.  My work is

influenced by the landforms of the Southwestern U.S., where I grew up,

and the environment of the Pacific Northwest.

I like to travel to scenic places.  I am an explorer -- in life and in art. 

"I wonder where that road goes" is a constant theme.

Embracing a creative life is an ongoing adventure.

The "atmosphere of place" is very important  

And also expressing the beauty in the world. 

My purpose is to make well-crafted items that can be displayed as

artworks and can also be held and used by people and enjoyed in the

home, to enrich their everyday lives.